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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons

“…Finally! Someone who plays rhythm guitar correctly with the right feel and sound… that alone deserves 10/10” Denis Chang – founder of the DC music school based in Canada, renowned Djangologist.

—– —–

“Jonny, you REALLY helped me with my right hand technique, I give you credit for helping me enormously” Paul Mehling – leader of the Hot Club of San Francisco and The Godfather of American Gypsy Jazz.

—– —–

“It has been said that it’s too late to teach an old dog new tricks.  Well….Jonny disproved that statement.  

I travelled from Cairns Australia to Margate in the UK in November this year and spent two weeks with Jonny to study Gypsy Jazz Guitar.  Not only did Jonny prove to be a gifted player, he also has the patience of a saint and is an encyclopedia on all matters Gypsy Jazz.

Thanks Jonny for your dedication, professionalism and patience and (his partner) Emma for your hospitality and encouragements.  Not only did I learn some exciting Gyspy Jazz Guitar techniques, I made great new friends!” Gudmundur Fridriksson, Cairns, Australia 2015

—– —–

“My first lesson with Jonny was really great! You know that you are learning from someone who has really mastered the Gypsy Jazz style. Within an hour I understood the basics of ‘la pompe’ rhythm, which he managed to explain much better than anything you would find in books or instructional videos. I can’t wait for the next lesson!” David Partouche, France

—– —–

JONNY HEPBIR is a guitar tutor with over twenty-five years experience, based in Margate in Kent.

He has played with many of the great names in Gypsy Jazz today, including Bireli Lagrene, Lulu Reinhardt, Stochelo Rosenberg, Paulus Schäfer, Feigeli Prisor, Angelo Debarre, Rino van Hooijdonk, Robin Nolan and jazz guitarists, Mundell Lowe and John Etheridge, as well as countless other fantastic players.

Jonny offers one to one tuition for players who are new to the Gypsy Swing style all the way through to advanced coaching for more experienced players wishing to improve their ability.

Tuition can be booked as either regular or ‘one off’ sessions for individuals or small groups, either in person or via Skype.

Jonny provides one to one lessons at his home in Margate from 1 hour up to full day sessions depending on your requirements (lunch and refreshments are provided for those attending full day sessions).

For those who are unable to attend a lesson in person, he also conducts lessons via Skype.

Fees and availability on application, please email info@jonnyhepbir.co.uk for more information.

As well as one to one tuition, he has held many successful workshops around the country, helping players of all ages and abilities get to grips with the guitar style of Django Reinhardt and the Gypsy Jazz style.

Tuition includes:

Gypsy picking technique for both rhythm and solo
Gypsy Jazz repertoire
Economic chord voicings
Improvisation – scales, arpeggios
Tricks and devices
Left / right hand techniques
Embellishments and all the recognised characteristics of Gypsy Jazz guitar
How to relax playing higher tempo tunes as a soloist and rhythm player


For further enquiries please call +44 (0) 7712 332967 or email info@jonnyhepbir.co.uk


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